LAWRENCE CIARALLO is an artist, designer and muralist from the city of Hoboken, New Jersey. His work is an eclectic mix of portraits, pop art and mixed media pieces that address a myriad of topics and honor a diverse group of individuals. As part of his art practice he is a member of the YNY Alliance for Young New Yorkers, an organization that provides diversion programs for court-involved young people in New York City.


My paintings and murals are inspired by the endless beauty that exists amidst the chaos of daily life. To exemplify this spectrum, I utilize a mixture of collage, abstraction and portraiture. Portraiture allows for the duality of addressing current events and or celebrating a group or individual. These pieces offer insight to my beliefs and interests as my subjects are an array of musicians, authors, scholars, artists and athletes whose accomplishments provide endless motivation personally and creatively.

My objective is to create work that stimulates, informs, and engages the viewer.


Montclair State University. Montclair, NJ
Class of 2009
Degree/Major: B.A. College of the Arts, Studio/Graphic Design